How to install OpenCL on a RHEL Machine

Installing OpenCL on RHEL typically involves a few general steps: installing the appropriate driver for your GPU and installing the OpenCL development libraries. Below is a step-by-step guide that provides a general procedure for installing OpenCL on RHEL. Note that the specific steps may vary based on your GPU model (NVIDIA, AMD, or Intel).


  1. Install the NVIDIA Driver:
    • You can download the latest NVIDIA driver for your GPU from the NVIDIA website: NVIDIA Driver Downloads
    • After downloading, you can install the driver by running the following commands (you may need to adjust the filename to match the one you downloaded):
sudo bash NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-<version>.run
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  1. Install the CUDA Toolkit:
    • The CUDA Toolkit includes OpenCL support.
    • Download the CUDA Toolkit from the NVIDIA website: CUDA Toolkit Download.
    • Follow the instructions on the website to install the toolkit.


  1. Install the AMDGPU-Pro Driver:
    • You can download the driver from the AMD website: AMD Drivers and Support
    • Follow the installation instructions provided on the website.
  2. Install the OpenCL Libraries:
    • After installing the driver, you can install the OpenCL libraries (part of the driver package) by running:
sudo yum install opencl-amdgpu-pro

For Intel GPUs:

  1. Install the Intel OpenCL Runtime:
    • You can download the OpenCL Runtime for Intel Core and Intel Xeon processors from the Intel website:

Download Intel OpenCL Runtime

  1. Follow the instructions on the website to install the OpenCL runtime.

Additional Steps:

After installing the appropriate driver and OpenCL libraries for your GPU, you may want to verify that OpenCL is working correctly:

  1. Install clinfo:
sudo yum install clinfo

Check the OpenCL Installation:

  1. You can run the following command to display information about the OpenCL platforms and devices available on your system:bash

Ensure that your GPU is listed as an available device and that there are no errors. If there are issues, check your installation steps and consult the documentation for your specific GPU driver for troubleshooting information.

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